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cough cough vomit.

I'm really sick and I don't think it's just the normal sick blah blah. I have been for the past week and I have thrown up everyday for the past 4 days. It's pretty gross. I don't sleep enough. Haha oh well. I love being sick. come on guys.

Last night I went to Mill and my dad made me take off my lesbian bracelette in the car. He wouldn't even let me cut it off. He had to do it for me with a knife WHILE HE WAS DRIVING. and I was getting all scared cause he looked like he was going to slit my wrist. I'm surprised he didn't purposely swirve so he had an excuse as to why I died. Anyways.
I did an experiment yesterday with my phone for myself and the results were 2.
Mr. G just said "your next project is KICK ASS images"
and ugly said "what kind of pictures do we have to take?" and he said "KICK ASS" I found some humour in it. Shut up.

I came on here to say something important but I forgot what it was and ended up with all of that up there ^.

oh one more thing. if you ever talk to me and you mean "no". don't make up some excuse or some huge story instead of answering me the real thing. I'm not afraid of being shut down or anything. I'd just rather get to the point instead of listening to your bullshit. (This isn't for anyone in particular, in case you were wondering, it's just to anyone)

I wonder if this post will be the cause of someone yelling at me. All of you have it oh so bad.
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