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The lost and found is to the left.

It's impossible to say how you feel without getting made fun of. It's completely hopeless and stupid. and I think today is going to suck. So if any of you people want to hang out with me... eh just kidding.
Last night was confusing. I don't know where my eyes went. I should probably find them soon though cause my mom will be mad at me. I think I like green better anyways.

I've been really tired lately and it is annoying me. I like the way my jacket smells right now. Oops. I just accidentally blocked you haaaaaaa.
My dad has been extremely mean to me lately and I don't know half of the reasons why. It's so weird and I don't like it. I want a normal dad.

stryderkyle10: yeah i know i dont think i could either
stryderkyle10: but it would be fun to do (I have absolutely no clue what he is talking about or what that means. aaaaaaahhhhhhhh help me)

Amber just shoved beezwax in my face in the shape of a penis. Sick.
I don't like how I shake so much. at first it was alright and didn't bother me but now it is really fucking pissing me off. this is my grr face.

"Come home so you can find my keys, oh and while you're fucking at it CHANGE YOUR GOD DAMN MESSAGE MACHINE" "whoa whoa whoa, I thought this was my phone..." "who pays for it?" shit.. haha you got me there.

Let's go on a killing rampage and make the news worth watching.
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