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La dia de los muertos.

something about seeing a familiar dog in the middle of the street laying in its own blood shakes me up a bit. I see it everyday thinking "god, that dog is going to get hit" but it didn't really occur to me what would happen if it really did get hit. I mean... I never really thought it would happen even though I said it. Eh you are probably thinking who cares? but really, it was a nice dog that I saw EVERYDAY. Even if he did just run around the neighborhood.

Anyways, I cut my own hair today. I must say that I look even more like a boy now. Oh well, no one to impress, eh? Right.

We sat at Steve's and watched Once Upon A Time In Mexico. I got really hyper for some weird reason and would not shut up or stop laughing at nothingness. Then I got sd because my mom called to talk to me about the dog that I mentioned at the beginning of this stupid post. She asked if we were the ones who hit it. I got around 280 dollars worth of tongue rings for free today. (tongue rings are around 20 dollars except at Name Brand Exchange) Nicole is beyond awesome.

Ack, bummer. I had something important to say but I forgot.
|insert important sentence or two here|

I just got a text message that says "Let's kiss" weird. Some people really surprise me with their stupidness.

I dropped Biology because my teacher was a complete bitch. so I'm just going to take both summer schools this summer. Oh well. At least I'm not stressed out about nothing now. and I get to Aide for Mr. G. and shop on e-bay all 7th hour. It's like not having a 7th hour and being a COOL senior and leaving early. ..okay so maybe not, but hey, fuck you.

moyta mamo eeskam me te obadish kushta. In Bulgarian of course because I don't have guts.

I find the negative in everything without even trying to. It gets pretty annoying sometimes and I don't like it. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

"No one cracks a joke to impress themselves, they do it to impress others."

Happy late birthday Niko. I miss hanging out with you.

This is the song that never ends. and it goes on and on my friends. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends...
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