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fuck you.

Its the original update from school. This bra is very uncomfortable. I love not having biology anymore and being an AIDE. I get to sit on e-bay ALL HOUR. be jealous, fuckers. Hey Danielle, my tongue is bleeding AGAIN. I thought I'd tell you cause it always does and you are the one that notices it and stuff. Okay I am done. I kinda have to pee but I don't want to walk down both those scary hallways. Plus that creepy sweeper dude is in the hall and he is tall and scary and walks on stilts sometimes. A kid that I haven't seen since Jr. High is in this class and it is really really AWKWARD no joke. I forgot his last name but he went to Desert Ridge and came back this semester to try Highland out. Kyle.... I'm trying to think of his last name.

I need to take pictures for photo but they are all portraits and I don't want to take pictures of myself. That is kinda weird. BUT WHATEVER. Anyone wanna help? Be creative people. COME ON.

Wow, someone just called me so I went in the hall to pick it up. I'm so cool. HELL YEAH. oh oh oh I just got a text message. WHOAAAAA. Okay I am bored. bye.
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