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I want to wear a dress and look good in it.

BROWN'S MORE CHOCOLATE AND SEPIA IS MORE YELLOW. stupid fucking people. God. I fucking hate everyone at school.
No, I don't. I like a few.
My stomach hurts. bah humbug. Okay so I'm not in the greatest mood today
I got a new cell phone. Why? I don't know. but I haven't seen my mothers husband in a while so he hasn't had the chance to take it away.
Someone steal my cell phone. It will be funny I swear.

I like how people complain about getting what I want. They complain cause they don't like it and they have it. But it makes me mad because the thing they don't want is what I have wanted for a long time. Don't complain because it makes me sad. Does that make sense? I know it does to me. Wait no it doesn't. I want from you what you don't want yourself to have.

Codee Breeze is in my first hour. Weird. My lower back hurts. I think I am pregnant. Oh I'm hilarious.
I don't have to take pictures of myself anymore. I am taking pictures of Cookie, Rocky and Roxy instead. I want the medium-format camera but I don't think I can use it because there is a douchebag in this class that is already using it. Anyone wanna let me take pictures of them? Mr. G just said "this is very sexy film" HELL YEAH. Mr. G is listening to Pink Floyd and now I feel stoned. LOL JK. lOLOOLOOOLOLOLOLLOLOOlolololololoolllollol
Monday used to be family night.

he he HE
This update took all of 3rd hour. lame.
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