Suzy>you. (washmymind) wrote,

I wish I wasn't optional

I am in the backroom sitting in the corner with a computer monitor 2 inches away from my face. Exciting isn't it? I am sitting on a chair that has some sort of barbed wire all around it and it is really umcomfortable. I don't know how a chair reminds you of a person but this chair, in fact, reminds me of Marilyn Manson. I don't have good posture so I am slouching(sp?) and it hurts my lower back. Oh well. There is an empty bag of chips in the other corner that was left the®e 2 months ago, by me, and is still there. Someone should probably clean up back here but no one pays attention. I don't know how that R with the circle around it got in the place of the other R but I think I will leave it alone. And if you can't see it or know what I am talking about then I suggest you shut the fuck up and keep cleaning the filters.
I got my tetANUS shot and now my left arm is all limp dick style. ps. I am hilarious.
Oh yeah and Suzy... don't forget:
Gilbert Schools #41

Tanks and guns d00d!

I wish I had a friend named Enfuego. ENFUEGO SIT DOWN. ENFUEGO GO GET ME WATER. ENFUEGO LEAVE THE DEAD DOG ALONE. (my god you are beautiful.) There's a little JTHM humor for the few of you that read comics. hahhhhhh hilarious.

I messed up the pizza order. idiot Suzy IDIOT.

I need to go write Jed his e-mail now and I better hop to it cause he has been lifting weights lately and I wouldn't want to get my ass beat. pffft, actually. I'd love to see him try.

[I can't click click here because this is a mac and if I do click it then it will erase my whole entry like it did last time. And like how Erin's computer does that too sometimes. Great story eh?

Fuck, I'm an idiot.
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