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I know.

it's what you see on tv. the girl is so extremely mad but she is only mad because she is sad and she is only sad because she is frustrated and she is frustrated because she didn't get her way. she starts to walk away but he runs after her because he cares (oh please)and she hits him because she is still pissed/sad and then he takes it. they start kissing and everything is solved and you the viewer are left thinking that they truly do love eachother. But as the viewer you start thinking "oh that's cute" "she is lucky" "they are good for eachother" but only because it is so fucking impossible for anyone to actually be like that.
I have no clue what the fuck I am trying to say. I actually do know but don't know how to say it in a journal. I hate 11:11. Stop saying that you don't fucking know because you do. No one is that mindless.

You spend half your life trying to prove that you're unique and immune from normal human fallibility, then before you know it you're in some room far away from home with a bunch of strangers snorting lines off some filthy toilet seat that you've 'cleaned' with a flimsy piece of tissue paper. It's times like this I find myself staring at my reflection in a mirror thinking, “who the fuck are you?” and realising that I'm actually just like everybody else and that I'm the sucker.

but aside from all that. Next time I see 'you' I am going to laugh in your fucking face because you are an idiot HAHAHAAA. done and done.
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