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I haven't posted pictures in a while because my digital camera broke a long time ago and my dad won't get it fixed for me cause he is an asshole. but anyways. I went through my computer and found lots of interesting pictures that I would like to share.

I'm sure you could really do without the comment's from me in between pictures but you know what? shut the fuck up.
I like this picture because it says "stay calm" in blood. ironic.
This picture used to be the background of my deadjournal. a while back when Jason first showed me it.
Brianna found this and showed me cause it says my name. I fucking love this picture though and everything about it. even if it didn't say Suzy
I fucking hate monkeys.
One of my favorite movies. Thank you Kathryn.
This is from when we all went to Mexico. ahhh good times. Vampires galore.
haha this was the first picture I ever saved to my computer. weird.
I like this because of the angle and position the picture is taken. Also you can't quite see her face and he almost seems like a shadow.
ohhh shit, watch out.
This is Jimmy Kim trying to commit suicide. what a fucking pussy.
I took a bubble bath today and it was cool. I was also pleased to find out that I had no homework and James did. oh oh one more thing... I get my permit in 6 days. :-) I'ma be a big balllllla.
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