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I know I am. Looking for corpses.

Beyond Borders. Damn. Did I just say yam?
Whats the line again?

Am I the only person that gets viagra emails? what about "free vicodin" or "hot sexy sluts waiting 4u2 cum" ew.
I am now getting paid on Mondays DOUBLE every week. Yes ladies and gentlemen... Suzy is not po no mo. WORD. Be jealous. My work is OH SO HARD. tahaha.

Tonight was sad. Made me think a lot. Cute people shouldn't have to cry. I don't ever wanna see you two cry again. I love you both.

My nails are getting long and I need to cut them cause I don't like the clicking noise they make when I type. I want you to talk back to me. I want you to stop being stupid and maybe notice...things. haha your SN is always highlighted yellow on my buddy list. I don't know why. Actually I do. But I don't know why I do it.

jayslashkate: I'm out
goddamnit Suz y: haha later [sexy]
jayslashkate: don't call me that spic
jayslashkate signed off at 9:35:36 PM.
I'm Bulgarian you stupid slut.
"You gon' die honkey."

Go look at my deadjournal and be JEALOUS times 2. It's better than any of your guys' backgrounds. word. and there's no ring there's no ring on the phone anymore. there's no reason to call I've passed out on the floor. Smoked myself stupid and drank my insides raisin dry. booooooo to alk3

YES! take 26: NAILED IT.

someone get me an invisibility cloak
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