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de rigueur

What good is it to be in a room full of no variety. Speak up. Do not conform. Quit acting as if you don't care. Don't judge me so harsh little girl. Show your true feelings. Don't be ashamed. I'm sick of seeing you almost say what is really on your mind but to quickly cover your mouth with your hand, As if saying what you think will shun you. Friends should not have set rules for others to abide by. I don't know but... I really hate, no not hate, loathe the fact that you haven't gotten out of my life yet. Seeing something and then having that specific thing remind me of you and then asking myself what happened? and the fact that I cannot answer my own question kills me. What did happen and how did I change. Because regardless of what you think, I'm still the same Suzy I have always been. Most of this isn't to one person, in case you care. Feel free to tell me what is on your mind, I really do care no matter how much I act as if I don't. I'm not good with showing emotion towards the things I dote on. Except the undieing love I have for Leighton.
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