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I just cracked my neck and it felt damn good. Better than sex.

Last night I went to bed at 7:30 cause the day had been dragging on for too long. I have been sleeping a lot lately.
This morning I woke up and got ready and whatnot and then I walked into my mothers room. The school had called and said not to let me come to school today because I haven't gotten my shots and I can't come to school unless I have my shots. Hah I'm some sort of diseased individual and I don't even know it. Hell yeah brawww come over *cough cough*
I get to go to work today with my mother and check out my dream car. I found one on e-bay for 25,000. THATS IT! AHHHHHH YES. I wanted to buy it sooooo bad but I wouldn't trust e-bay with a car. Anyways, I have a major headache. and my phone was left in my fathers room cause he is still mad at me.

Hope all you fuckers have fun at schoool cause apparently I'm TOO COOL. Oh and Alex Bank-Rollins call me the second you get this. It's important. Love, Suzy.
ACTUALLY, all of you call me the second you read this. hip hip.
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