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Shut up.

I'm updating but not by choice.
(monika said: Update. now.
goddamnit Suz y: me?
monika said: yes you
monika said: update. im demanding it.
goddamnit Suz y: okay)

See. Well this weekend was shit. Valentine's day WAS FUCKING AWESOME cause Erin was the best god damn Valentine ever. Steve Carpenter got me a rose cause he felt sorry for me hahaha he says thats not the reason but I know it is. So that made me feel special.
CodeeBreeze (7:45:24 PM): what up suzy
CodeeBreeze (7:45:29 PM): dude i have to tell you
goddamnit Suz y (7:45:34 PM): what
CodeeBreeze (7:45:38 PM): you were the greatest valentine i have ever had
Sunday night at Genessa's was a good time. Spent the night at Johnna's and slept all day while she was at work at her house alone. Kinda weird but oh well. She came home and Kenna called and we all went out and drove to what seemed like Tucson but out by Bank One Ball Park or whatever. Then to Mill. Wow.
Reading the conversations we used to have makes me sad.

I just yelled at my brother and now I feel bad. Eh oh well. I'm not backing down cause I'm a stubborn bitch.
I have to go write an Ode To Photography now.

"suzy kills innocent little bistandards on the side of alma school and southern while eating tuna tacos on a saturday evening" I like it.

okaybrittni: because i remember i was embarrassed when your mom was paying for the cinibons because they were like SO LOUD
okaybrittni: haha
goddamnit Suz y: haha po po mommy.
goddamnit Suz y: I miss her
goddamnit Suz y: :-(
okaybrittni: i miss her too
okaybrittni: remember when i brought her taco bell when she was sick?
okaybrittni: and when we saw her at taco bell in the drive through so we scared her and then she ate with us for nearly 2 hours
goddamnit Suz y: hahaha yeah
goddamnit Suz y: and she just sat there and talked
okaybrittni: shes cute
goddamnit Suz y: yeah she is
I miss my mommy.
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